7 Things to Remember When You Are Scared to Speak Up

If you have something meaningful to say, but you’re scared to speak up, remember… 1.Silence can be self-abuse.  You have to admit, to a certain extent, you have spent too much of your life trying to silence yourself.  Trying to become quieter.  Smaller.  Less sensitive.  Less needy.  Less YOU.  Because you didn’t want to be […]

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To: Someone Who Doesn't Feel Good Enough

Dear You, It’s time for a quick story about life… Once upon a time there was an elderly woman who needed to walk down to the river every morning to fetch water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. She carried two buckets with her, filled them up at the riverbank, and walked back with them to […]

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What's in YOUR Dash?

I tend to read a range of blogs one in particular had an article written by guest Diane Dutchin who wrote: “The dash between the dates of our birth to the last day of our life contains a personal history of who we were, how we lived, who we knew and what we did with […]

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Stop Justifying Your Feelings

You are visibly anxious before a reviewing meeting, but you don’t want your colleague to think you’re neurotic—so you tell her about everything that’s riding on a positive outcome. You feel subdued at a party, but you don’t want your friends to think you’re antisocial—so you tell them you have a lot on your mind. […]

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