I Can Still Smile

I am depressed. I can still smile at pretty things. And laugh when jokes are funny. I can still talk to people. And enjoy nice days.   But when I go inside, When I am alone, There is something broken. And I fall into a sadness so sweet That it engulfs me. I look in […]

The Way I Feel

I am good for a while I’ll talk more, laugh more Sleep and eat normally But then something happens Like a switch turns off somewhere And all I am left with is the darkness of my mind But each time it seems like I sink Deeper and deeper And I’m scared… Terrified that one day […]


Sometimes, the world crumbles around me. I’ll be fine and then I won’t be. just like that. That quickly my entire life changes. I become engulfed in this storm raging inside my mind. I forget how to smile, how to laugh. All I know is that I am not okay. I am not okay at […]

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