Life Moves In One Direction

You can live in three different time dimensions in your head:

The past                                The future                             The present

If you live in the past, you’re stuck in “why” mode. That means you always think about why things happened. That’s a recipe for unhappiness.
If you live in the future, you live in “what if” mode. That state of mind causes anxiety about everything that MIGHT happen in the future. Again, that’s a recipe for living a timid life.
You and I know that there’s only one ACTUAL time dimension: the present.
Why don’t we live in the present? There are millions of things that prevent us from living in real time.
One thing that has helped me let go of the past and future is to understand this: Life keeps moving forward  —  it doesn’t care what I think or do, so I might as well not waste my time on stuff I can’t control.
If you look at it from a practical point of view, it doesn’t make sense to question all the things that happen in our life  —  we just have to accept the things that have happened, learn from them and keep moving forward.

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