Sweet Potatoes VS. White Potatoes

Firstly, potatoes – the beige variety – are not the devil. When baked and paired with some protein, or boiled and rolled in herbs and a little olive oil, they can provide a satisfying simple meal.
However there is a reason the humble spud does not enjoy the superfood status of the sweet variety.
To start with, regular potatoes are higher on the glycemic index (GI), meaning they can raise your blood sugar very quickly.
Plus, one medium raw potato provides 169 calories, while an average sweet potato comes in at just 112. And, when it comes to nutritional value, the sweet potato is leagues ahead.
Clear Skin: One cup of sweet potato provides a whopping 214% of your vitamin A intake and 52% of your recommended intake of vitamin C.
These vitamins are crucial for glowing, clear skin and can even slow ageing. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found those who ate 100 mg of Vitamin C (around half a sweet potato) every day for 3 years decreased the appearance of their wrinkles by 11 per cent.
Burn Fat: Ever heard of the hormone adiponectin? It increases the rate you burn fat and boosts your metabolism. Foods that bump up your body’s levels include avocado (one of my favourite foods ever!), oily fish AND sweet potato.
Cut Cravings: Roasted sweet potato will satisfy your sweet cravings without the slump. It’s also rich in vitamin B6, which has been shown to offset nausea.
I have been have been incorporating more sweet potato in my diet recently by adding a diced small amount to a vegetable chilli, steaming and mashing to provide a accompaniment to a meal or just roasting in the oven for 45 minutes for a jacket.
Why not try and incorporate it into your weekly meals today?

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