Thank God its Friday…Oh God it’s Monday

Whenever Friday comes, my social media is flooded with Thank God it’s Friday, OMG it’s the weekend, #friyay (this word should be banned), and a celebration of the upcoming days off of drinking, binge watching, eating, basically doing something that falls in the category of enjoying life, often it’s more like escaping life. When Monday […]

Like A Boss

Challenge yourself. Every day you are presented with new opportunities to challenge yourself. You have countless opportunities to think about things differently, to try doing things a new way, or to explore new aspects of your job. Challenging yourself is not easy; it’s so much better when someone else challenges you because then you have […]

Stopping All-Or-Nothing Thoughts

Open your mind to new ideas. While of course it makes sense to think of whatever situation you are face with using an open mind, it is also important to keep your mind open at all times, not just when you are looking at a specific situation. Keeping an open mind can help you to […]

Life in Black & White

Lately I’ve been giving some thought to extremes and how often we look at situations from extreme points of view. It is so easy to label something as “good” or “bad” so we do just that rather than really giving it thought and figuring out what it really is. I find myself guilty of this […]

All That Really Matters

Every morning you wake up to being one day older. These days roll into weeks, months, and years. Before you know it, a significant portion of time has passed you by. The question ultimately becomes: Have you been successful in how you spent your time? It all depends on what you value most. Maybe you […]

Collateral Beauty

Love. Time. Death. These three things connect every single human being on Earth. We long for love, We wish we had more time, and We fear death. In life, we come to know the depths of love, the opportunities and limitations of time and the challenge of loss and death through our relationships. When we […]

There is One Positive Step You Can Take

There is at least one tiny, positive step you can take right now (because there always is). Don’t build mountains in your mind.  Don’t try to conquer the world all at once.  When you seek instant gratification (big, quick fixes) you make life unnecessarily painful and frustrating.  When you choose instead to treat each moment […]

How To Get Good At Something

To get good at something, you need to love the process. The people who get good at singing songs are those enjoy doing scales and warm up exercises, who take time to write their own songs. The people who get really good at football are those who enjoy the physical and tactical side of the […]

Being Fine & Loving Yourself

Most of us are familiar with the practice of loving and caring for our parents, children, or significant others.  And although we do so imperfectly, we do our best to practice this love for them on a daily basis. But do we attempt to practice the same level of love and care with ourselves? Most […]

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