Like A Boss

Challenge yourself. Every day you are presented with new opportunities to challenge yourself. You have countless opportunities to think about things differently, to try doing things a new way, or to explore new aspects of your job. Challenging yourself is not easy; it’s so much better when someone else challenges you because then you have […]

Collateral Beauty

Love. Time. Death. These three things connect every single human being on Earth. We long for love, We wish we had more time, and We fear death. In life, we come to know the depths of love, the opportunities and limitations of time and the challenge of loss and death through our relationships. When we […]

The Way I See It,

The way I see it, you are not losing when someone reveals their true colours, you just have to respect it and keep it real with yourself. You have to not try and paint a different picture of them and just remember: You will never lose what is meant for you but you will always […]

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