You Have Some Incredible Choices To Make

Often we want just a tiny range of life experiences – the good times, the comfortable situations, the experiences that make us happy.
And yet, the reality we are faced with every day is quite different.
Life gives us a broad range of very different experiences that gradually wrap our emotions up in anger and love and heartbreak and joy and frustration and excitement and loneliness and confusion… one after another.  These are all part of our reality – our collective human condition.
The question is: How will YOU choose to respond?
You can revolt against the unfairness of having to deal with not getting everything you want.  You can be angry at the world for the pain and struggle you’re faced with.  You can attempt to resist and deny the experiences of sadness, frustration, confusion, and so forth.  Just beware that all of these choices will ultimately lead you in spiraling circles of deeper and darker despair.
A more effective choice, is to fully embrace reality and the broad range of life experiences you encounter, taking the good with the bad.  This includes all of your emotions, all of your ups and downs, all of your blissful moments and painful ones, and the entirety of everything in between. Life is not just rainbows and butterflies.  It’s intricate and remarkable.
Fully embracing life in this way means opening yourself to unimaginable possibilities, being vulnerable to unexpected changes, being compassionate with yourself when times are tough, giving yourself some extra love and kindness no matter what happens, and being grateful for the opportunity to experience it all.
It means not expecting to always be the perfect human living the perfect life, but instead accepting reality as it is, and accepting yourself as you are, and then making the best of it all.

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