What Doing it For Joy Looks Like…

I want to share with you an experience a friend of mine shared with me….
“This morning a man walked into the gym.
Slowly but not feebly.
He was cautious but not weak.
He moved deliberately from place to place engaging in various exercises with a strong intensity.
Then he headed over to the treadmill and smiled as he began to run.
You could tell he was enjoying what he was doing.
This man inspired me because he was blind.”
I was also inspired by my friend’s gym observations as I realised that nothing about what he was doing was out of vanity.
This is a man who will never see how he looks.
He will never know how his appearance compares to other people.
And he will never be able to “see” the fruits of his labor.
Yet still he works.
He pushes.
He fights to get better and to be stronger.
It’s unlikely that he is here to win other people’s approval or to cure some physical self-consciousness.
He is likely here because he enjoys the feeling, he values his health, and he appreciates the process.
It made me wonder about myself.
How much of my desire to exercise is driven by vanity?
If I couldn’t see myself, would I even care?
If I didn’t know how I compared to other people, would it even matter to me?
And if I couldn’t see the results of my blood, sweat and sometimes tears, would I continue to do the work?
I’m honestly not sure.
What I am sure about, however, is that I want to be more like this man.
I want to find the joy and value in the work and the process, even if I can’t see the results.
How about you?

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