Understanding & Forgiving

I feel sometimes resentment and anger seem involuntary, like reactions you have to indulge for a length of time proportionate to how badly you were wronged. It might even feel like your anger is a justified retaliation, and you would be weak if you just let it go.
The irony is that after we have been hurt, we choose to continue hurting ourselves by being bitter. Bitterness never feels good, no matter where it stems from.
It has been suggested that when other people make mistakes, we tend to assign them character flaws for example he is selfish, or she doesn’t care who she hurts; whereas when we make mistakes, we more frequently give excuses such as I have been overworked, or I haven’t been getting enough sleep, to justify the behaviour.
It seems as though we are willing to let ourselves off the hook because we have to live with ourselves, but when it comes to other people we are quick to judge and condemn and slow to forget.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boese

You might not be able to forget what happened yesterday, but you can choose not to let it suffocate today. We all have character flaws and we are all affected by external circumstances.
Today if you have a hard time forgiving, ask yourself these questions:
Do I want to stay in the past or look to the future?
Do you want to feel bitter or better?
Do I want to let it go or let it take hold?

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