Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

We all struggle. We all suffer on the inside. Every day…
We worry.
We procrastinate.
We feel overwhelmed.
We feel angry.
We feel lonely.
We don’t feel good enough.
We wish we were thinner
We wish we had more money.
We wish our jobs were different.
We wish our relationships were different.
We think everything in life should be easier.
And yet, every one of these struggles is self-created. They are real, but they are only real because we have created them in our minds. We have attached ourselves to certain ideals and fantasies about how life has to be in order to be good enough for us.
We worry because things might not turn out how we expect. We procrastinate because we fear discomfort and failure. We feel overwhelmed because we think we should be further along than we are. We feel angry because life should not be this way. And so it goes.
But it’s all in our heads.
And it doesn’t have to be this way. At least not for YOU.
You can think better… you can live better. This is a choice you can make.
Take a deep breath, and let all your thoughts go. Just bring your thoughts and attention to right now, to this present moment. Focus on what’s here with you now – the light, the sounds, your body, the ground under your feet, the objects and people moving and stationary around you. Don’t judge these things against what they should be – just accept what they actually are. Because once you accept reality, you can improve it.
See life as it is, without all the ideals and fantasies you’ve been preoccupied with. Let go of all of those stressful distractions, and just experience this moment.
This moment is good enough as it is. Be here.
You can go back to fretting about everything else in a minute.
But before you do, now would also be an opportune time to remind yourself of some truths we tend to deny when we’re stuck too deep in our own heads…

  1. There’s a lot about our lives we absolutely can’t control.
  2. Our expectations often make us utterly unhappy.
  3. We will always be incredibly imperfect.
  4. A moment spent worrying is a moment wasted.
  5. The best lessons often come from the hardest days.
  6. Success easily gets to our heads, and failure easily gets to our hearts.
  7. We confuse being busy with being productive.
  8. More money left unmanaged just creates more problems.
  9. Most of us don’t need more to be happy – we need less.
  10. Our fancy gadgets often get in our way and dehumanize us.
  11. As a society, we are utterly infatuated with outer beauty.
  12. Most of the arguments we have with one another are pointless.
  13. We default to judging others by their actions and ourselves by our ideals. 
  14. We don’t always get what we give.
  15. None of us know anyone worth continually blaming.
  16. It’s easier to hold on to the way things are than it is to let go and grow.
  17. If we want the benefits of something in life, we have to also want the costs.
  18. Even with all our advancements, progress still requires old-fashioned work
  19. We never feel 100% ready when good opportunities arise.
  20. Many of us will have our lives cut short.

Again, life is tough sometimes. There’s so much you simply can’t control, but you have to let your resistance to this GO.
So not let what is out of your control interfere with everything you can control.
 Be mindful. 
 Be present. 
 Focus on the small steps you CAN take today, and take them! 
No regrets. No looking back.

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