Time to Change Your Mind About Change

“Everything is in constant flux.
The question is whether we will accept change passively
or whether we will take the lead and create
positive changes on our own initiative.
While conservatism and self-protection
might be likened to winter, night, and death,
the spirit of pioneering and realising ideals
evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.”

When it comes to the changing over of seasons it always makes me think about change.
I think it’s because every day that I leave my flat and walk to work something is different. Leaves have changed colour on the trees. The air feels crisper, cooler and fresher. More leave are under my feet.
While all of the changes of Autumn are beautiful to watch, I know some people find themselves resistant to change – I must admit sometimes that includes me too. Though I find some change is wonderful, amazing and great!
But sometimes, I don’t want to have to change or I don’t want things around me to change. But you know what?
Change is inevitable.
Yes, it’s going to happen. No matter what you do or how you live your life, you will, at some point (and probably at many points) experience change.
Whether it’s good or bad, you will have to deal with it and, whether it’s good or bad, you may not always find it easy to cope.

Leah is people powered! She is a woman on a mission to Encourage, Support and Inspire you as she writes. Her passion lies in topics relating to Mental Health, Women Empowerment, Self Care and Self Love.
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