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Happy Friday!
The lovely Christine from Munchkins And Wine  has nominated me for the ‘This or That Challenge’. I had not heard of it before the nominated came through but when I read Christine’s post, I just had to accept the challenge.

Shower in the morning or evening?

Morning, definitely! But like Christine; when it’s been a warm day, or it’s that time of the month, then I throw in an extra one in the evening.

City centre or close to nature?

Close to nature – as long as I can visit the City Centre! Though I was born in London when we moved to Ashford, Kent I fell in love with the countryside.

Bright colours or neutrals?

Bright Colours! Yellow is my favourite colour!

Spring or autumn?

Both…But if you made me pick then maybe Spring…Blossom Trees though!

Mint or cinnamon?

Mmm, Cinnamon!

Planned or spontaneous?

Spontaneous…maybe just.

A movie at home or at the cinema?

Definitely at home, in my comfy clothes, maybe a glass of wine or two and homemade snacks!

Espresso or latte?

Latte, a cinnamon latte.

Hugs or kisses?

Hugs all the way! I am definitely a hugger!

Spicy or mild food?

Spicy 🙂

Leather or lace?


Overdressed or underdressed?

Overdressed… you never know what might happen.

Adventure or comfort?

Adventure in comfort?

TV series or movie?

TV series! I am addicted to TV series, what did I do before Netflix?! Currently working my way through House again.

Rock or Country Music

That’s a tricky one…maybe Rock

Red or white wine?

Red… always!

Working alone or in a team?


Swimming or sunbathing?

Both! I always sunbath then swim and repeat! Swimming abroad in the sea is my favourite.

Fast food or a sit-down restaurant?

Sit-down Restaurant Meal

Matched or mismatched socks?

Mismatched socks!

Dancing or singing?


Phone or the internet?

Internet 🙂
Now its over to you:
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@Justina50486919 at
@GemmaScopes at
Looking forward to your This or That Challenges.
Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xXx

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