Thermometer or Thermostate

Sometimes anger can feel like a wild emotion.
Haven’t we all had times when we said or did something out of anger that we regretted later?
A harsh word or tone to our partner or children, reacting aggressively to an impatient colleague, or even taking it personally when a friend or family member lashes out in frustration?
Yet, when we are able to channel the energy that anger generates within us in positive, solution-focused ways, it can become a powerful motivating force which can help us to solve problems and generate resolutions and determination.
The key, as a friend recently shared with me, is to be a thermostat rather than a thermometer.
Not to merely reflect the heat in the room, but to have the strength to be able to set the temperature.
It made me stop and think as well! How amazing would that be? What freedom!
Freedom to choose our response.  Freedom to direct our energies towards understanding, healing, justice, and remedy.  Think of the impact on our families, our communities, our colleagues, our countries!
May we all strive to be “thermostats” this week!

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