There is One Positive Step You Can Take

There is at least one tiny, positive step you can take right now (because there always is). Don’t build mountains in your mind.  Don’t try to conquer the world all at once.  When you seek instant gratification (big, quick fixes) you make life unnecessarily painful and frustrating.  When you choose instead to treat each moment as an opportunity to make a tiny, positive investment in yourself, the rewards come naturally.
When everything is broken, it is easy to find plenty of little things you can fix.  When nothing seems to be going right, even the most fundamental positive effort can make a significant difference.  Times of great adversity are also times of great opportunity.  When there are problems in every direction, there is also great value waiting to be created.  When everything is going well, it’s easy to get lulled into a routine of complacency.  It is easy to forget how incredibly capable and resourceful you can be.  Resolve to persevere one small step at a time.
Small steps, little leaps, and tiny fixes (very small repetitive changes) every day will get you there, every time, through thick and thin.
If you’d like to get started now, challenge yourself to do so.  Choose a specific area of your life that you want to improve, and then…

  1. Write down the specific details about your current circumstances.  (What’s bothering you?  What’s wrong?  What do you want to change?)
  2. Write down your answer to this question: What are the daily rituals that have contributed to your current circumstances?  (Be honest with yourself.  What are you doing that contributes to the situation you’re in?)
  3. Write down the specific details about your ideal circumstances.  (What would make you happy?  What does your ideal situation look like?)
  4. Write down your answer to this question:  What are the daily rituals that will get you from where you are to where you want to be?  (Think about it.  What small, daily steps will help you move forward?)

The bottom line is that every moment of your life builds upon the next.  This moment is the bridge between the reality of where you are and the vision of where you want to be.  I have been doing this a lot recently in my life and it has made such a huge difference.
Reality is indeed approaching you every second.  And the great thing is, you’re able to alter it as it arrives.  You just have to decide what you want to do with it.  The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing simply because you can only do a little right now.  And again, it is far more productive to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a giant leap only to stumble and fall and never get up again.  The path to what you want most in life requires a ritual of a thousand small steps spread out over time.
Figure out where you want to go, take the first step, and keep on stepping.
Diligence and persistence will get you there.

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