The Gift of My Girlfriends

There have been times this year when my girlfriends have called me, sobbing…
…I hate the way I look I want to lose weight
…There’s nothing left in my relationship
…My day didn’t go as planned
…Finances too tight to be comfortable
There have been times this year when I’ve called them, sobbing…
…Heartbroken and afraid of my next step
…At the edge of sanity with my life
…Family Stresses
…Mysterious body stuff
And there have been times when we’ve called each other, elated…
…We got a new house!
…I’m pregnant!
…I went on an amazing date!
…We are moving near to you!
We’re there for one another, through thick and thin.
This is the gift of sisterhood.
It’s knowing that you can be your shiniest and most radiant self, or your most devastated and contracted self, and still be loved.
You’re seen as human at your sparkliest, and divine at your worst.
You grow because of your friendship, because you’re both committed to living close to the truth.
You see greatness in her eyes when she’s at her lowest moments, and you make her desires your prayer and wishes.
You honour yourselves and forgive each other, because empathy is the foundation of everything.
And even when you’re not connecting, you know that when it really matters, you’ll both show up.
Sisterhood is the love that shares your project on social media, sends you a present on your birthday and a card when you are feeling down. It’s the love that holds your hand during a breakup, and holds the baby so she can take a shower.
If you allow it, it’s the love that gets in all the cracks where your mother’s love couldn’t quite reach, and the love that reveals your wholeness, regardless of what you’ve imagined to be true.
I have learnt this past year how much my girlfriends mean to me, how lucky I am and how much they inspire me.
This is my greatest wish for you:
That you have a nurturing, enthusiastic, courageous and supportive community of women who have your back, whom you feel proud to cheerlead in return.
My wish is that you bring them anything and everything, and welcome theirs, while mutually maintaining your sovereignty.
My wish is that you keep remembering what a gift it is to have this love, and cherish it as you cherish all of the closest relationships in your life.
Life isn’t predictable.  The wiser we are and the wilder our pursuits, the more we embrace this essential truth.
Sisterhood is what helps us weather it all, with grace, with courage, with love.

Leah is people powered! She is a woman on a mission to Encourage, Support and Inspire you as she writes. Her passion lies in topics relating to Mental Health, Women Empowerment, Self Care and Self Love.
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