The 12 Best Pieces Of Advice I Have Received

1. Remove the word “should” from your vocabulary as much as possible.
2. If you can’t control it, there’s no point worrying about it.
3. Stop trying to solve an irrational problem with a rational solution.
4. Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.
5. Remember that no one thinks about you as much as you think about you.
6. Strive for progress, not perfection.
7. Remember this: “Where I’m at right now is not who I am.”
8. Let yourself fail once in a while.
9. You can’t change people, but you can change how you interact with them.
10. You shouldn’t harshly judge your current self on the basis of how your past self behaved.
11. People do not have the right to have unlimited access to you.
12. Just because you are struggling now, it does not mean you are failing.

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7 thoughts on “The 12 Best Pieces Of Advice I Have Received

  1. Yes, great advice! Whenever I find myself thinking “I should” or II shold have…” I always reframe it by thinking “I choose to…” instead. It helps me get clear on the choices I’m making. Thanks for the great post!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Number 1 is a brilliant peice of advice and something my brother says he tries to put into practice regularly. Number 6 is brilliant too, something I try to remind myself often because I give myself such a hard time when something is not perfect.

    1. Glad to hear that you liked this post. I tend to gather these from friends and family and on my journeys.
      We all tend to be a bit hard on ourselves, I’m the same, just remember we are all work in progress.

  3. These are very good pieces of advice and very interesting!
    I definitely like to keep positive as much as possible and where possible remove the negativity from my life. Thank you so much for sharing! Xx

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