Thank God its Friday…Oh God it’s Monday

Whenever Friday comes, my social media is flooded with Thank God it’s Friday, OMG it’s the weekend, #friyay (this word should be banned), and a celebration of the upcoming days off of drinking, binge watching, eating, basically doing something that falls in the category of enjoying life, often it’s more like escaping life.
When Monday comes, my social media is flooded with hate on Monday. The Monday blues, not wanting to go to work, and even weekend hangover complaints.
Somehow it is socially acceptable, and encouraged to hate on Mondays, and praise Fridays, instead of wondering why does it have to be this way? What would life look like if we looked forward to Monday?
What would life look like if Friday was just another day? If weekdays were enjoyable and equally valued?
The problem with Thank God it’s Friday and Oh God it’s Monday is twofold:
1. We are settling and accepting a 67% shitty year (5 out of 7, assuming you work Monday to Friday and take holidays).
We tend to settle because we are afraid of the unknown, and we are masters at rationalising our fear using excuses such as: I need the money, I am too old to change, I do not think I am good enough at doing something else, I have no time. In turn we numb our feelings including the most important one for change, passion, and we do not even entertain the idea of pursuing something that we love on the side, one hour a week, a month, even a year.
In the case of Thank God it’s Friday and Oh God it’s Monday, we have the consensus society supporting our stagnation, and encouraging us to settle, because everyone is doing it, and if everyone is doing it that means it is right…WRONG!
2. We are not maximizing our potential.
In the military, they built the fighters’ cockpits according to the average person. Only to realise years later, that it was uncomfortable for the pilots, because no one is actually average. They eventually switched to an adjustable design.
Just like the army pilots, you are also not average, because average is just an imagined concept.
The question is then why do we all have to force ourselves into an average person working week? Who said this is what works for us?
Are we limiting our potential? What if we can produce in 3 days a week? Or 10 days in a row? The only way to figure that out, is to get to know your rhythm .
I write this only to implore you to question, to think twice before encouraging this settling average mentality, which is clearly not serving neither us nor our society as a whole.
My aim is to enjoy every day, to make every day seem like a Friday. Because why can’t everyday be filled with joy?

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