Take A Break (Have A Kit Kat)

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Life can be pretty hectic, so it is important to remind yourself to take a break from time to time.
We often (or at least I often) get so caught up in and so excited by what I’m doing that I don’t remember to take a break. For example, I often spend hours on my phone but usually my iPad researching for a blog post without getting up to stretch or give my eyes a rest.
And, in so many other ways, I don’t give myself the breaks I probably need to be healthy. I don’t usually take a break from doing things (unless I’m asleep) and I certainly don’t take a break from thinking (I know, I have been trying to work on that), and after a while, the lack of a break can take its toll. When it comes to me and taking breaks, I often have to be forced into it. I usually don’t think to do it on my own and so it’s wonderful when someone else gives me an opportunity to take a break and fit some relaxation into my life.
But recently I am noticing the importance of taking a step back from your life and whatever project or job you are absorbed in and just relax. I am probably the worst at this so I understand that it’s difficult. But because of that below (if you keep reading) I would like to emphasise the benefits of taking a break (to remind myself mostly!) and then tomorrow I will provide some suggestions for how you can take a break without having to fly to a tropical island (but I’m sure that’ll help if someone wants to book me a holiday)…

The Benefits of Taking a Break

  • You gain a new perspective. There’s nothing like being in a different place (even if it’s outside vs. inside at your desk) to help you have an new outlook. Staying in the same place doing the same thing gets stale and I think that it is important to take a break , even if that “break or Kit Kat” is just getting up from your desk and going for a walk outside. When you expose yourself to new things, you will open up your mind to seeing the world differently and this is a really great way to live in the moment.
  • Rest and refresh your mind. Taking a break gives you an opportunity to rest your mind, to take a break from your daily routines and allow your body and mind to refresh themselves. It is important to take breaks every now and then in order to allow your mind to have a break. Meditation is a great way to vacate your mind, though I can’t say I have actually done it (yet!). Though I have done some mindfulness which I think gives a similar result.
  • Find exciting inspiration. Yes, you can find inspiration anywhere, but sometimes a break from your routine and a new environment can really help to inspire you. No matter what you do for a living, it is pretty likely that when you take a break or holiday that you will come back with new ideas and insights. One of my favorite things about going on holiday is having the opportunity to be inspired by new things.
  • Experience health benefits. I’m no doctor, but apparently those who take a holiday or break reap healthy rewards, such as less stress and fewer heart problems. I don’t know if there’s scientific proof for this, but I do know that I usually feel great after I’ve allowed myself to have a nice, relaxing break (Note: The relaxing part is key. I don’t always do this when I’m on holiday and I end up more stressed than I was when I left. I am going to work on that…)
  • Free yourself from stress. Stress, whether you like it or not, is part of all of our lives. It’s hard to avoid some sort of stress (work, school, relationships, etc…), but you can take a break from whatever it is that’s stressing you out. For most people, a nice holiday is just the thing to put whatever is stressful in their lives into perspective or, better yet, a break from the stress may inspire you to find a new way to deal with it when you return!
  • Celebrate the moment. There is something about being on holiday that allows you to live in the moment. When you are in your routine life, there are many, many distractions that can take you away from the moment, but often holidays have fewer distracting elements and allow us to really take in the now and embrace every moment. I’m not always the best as being present and a holiday or short break really helps me work on that.

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