Summer has Arrived…Kind of…

Ok, so it has not felt like summer at all since Monday (20th June) here in the uk BUT being this time of year it gives us the perfect excuse to simply let things go that were perhaps niggling away at us during the winter months.
Following the coldest months of the year, what monotonously felt like an endless slog of dark nights and difficult mornings, we have reached longer days, trouser decreasing in length and aparently for us the umbrellas coming out more often.
In the lighter months, people are generally much happier anyway, so why not jump on the same band wagon, and let go of things that were holding you back in the winer, and embrace the potential for new beginnings, relationships, work prospects, or improved health – letting things go will undoubtedly help you to embrace the UK summer as it should be.
Now that we won’t get potential frostbite (ok, slightly dramatic…though we may get soaked to the bone) each time we attempt to go to for a jog around the park, or it’s not so dark that we would rather hibernate than head to the gym at 6am, it gives us the perfect excuse to take the opportunity to make the most of the bright mornings and the evenings becoming longer to get outside and get active on our own terms. Around this time of year also, outdoor activities begin to fill up again, the runners come out again, and even walking seems the more popular mode of transport, so why not pop your best trainers on and be a part of it.
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With the longer brighter days comes a wealth of inspiration from sometimes nowhere, or occasionally from something that has been a suppressed goal for a while but you haven’t given the time to it that you would want to. Summer provides the perfect opportunity for you to begin to achieve the goals you subconsciously set for yourself. The brighter mornings can change your perspective on how achievable something is, so make the most of them and run with your goals in these lovely bright mornings – you never know, you might just have ticked a few things off the list by August, or be further on your way to achieving something you’ve always wanted to achieve.
Another thing people love to do when the seasons change is re-evaluate some of their day to day lifestyle choices. From diet to exercise, and work to leisure, there are many ways our immediate lifestyle choices can impact our overall happiness, long and short term. If you were previously feeling as though you wanted to perhaps cut dairy out of your diet because you could sense it wasn’t allowing you to feel your best, when better time than now to cut it out? Or if you’ve signed up to run a 10k, 5k or half marathon but haven’t started training for it yet because you feel that you’ll be able to ‘get through it’, take now to do a bit of training a few nights a week, as you can be assured that it will result in you feeling a lot more enthusiastic about the run when it comes round! (Yes this is certainly a message to myself as well).
The brilliant thing about new beginnings is that they give you the chance to start over or begin something you’ve been meaning to do – however perhaps the most significant thing about Summer beginning is that it comes with brighter weather (we hope), leading to generally happier people and in turn, a happier you. So embrace the Summer – rain and all and make the most of this wonderful (unofficial) ‘new beginning’, as it has officially begun.

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