Steps On Your Journey To Recovery

The blog post I shared on the 20th of May titled Steps On Your Journey in a way are also steps of recovery and those steps certainly apply to me right now, but no matter who you are or where you are in your life, you’ve probably had to recover from something. And just remember not all recovery is about addiction. Sometimes you have to recover from a breakup or a divorce or mental health. Sometimes you might have to recover from a bad habit or unhealthy behaviour.

If you take a closer look, you can see that these steps are really about hope, about the idea that we can make mistakes, even continue to make the same mistakes, and there is still hope for us to someday walk down a different street. 

Just sit there for a minute and feel what it is like to have that sense of hope. 
The hope that you can really keep walking around that hole and that someday (someday soon even!) you could walk down a completely different street.

How many times have you done something not good for you – for your healthy, for your well being and, after, told yourself you wouldn’t do it again? How many times have you done it again? And again? 
I’d like to say that isn’t me, that I’m the kind of person who can make a mistake once, learn from it, and make better choices next time, but that is, unfortunately, not the case.
In my life, I have made bad choices and then I’ve made them over and over and over again. I’ve walked down the street, seen the hole, and fallen in over and over and over again. It’s happened on purpose. It’s happened by accident. It’s happened by habit. But, for whatever reason, it’s happened. And I bet it’s happened to you too. I bet you there’s something you do that is unhealthy, but you do it anyway. It could be a small thing or a big thing, but I bet you there is something that you wish you didn’t do but you can’t seem to stop doing. These steps give me and, hopefully you too, hope.

Hope that no matter how much you feel like you will always keep making the same mistakes or doing the same bad behaviors over and over again (trust me, I feel the same way), there is hope. You can, if you choose to, find a way out. But don’t forget that hope and the ability to change old patterns lies within you. You have to make the change. You have to walk around the hole and you have to eventually choose to go down a different street. While you may have some wonderful guidance that tugs on your hand and says, “Hey, let’s go this way,” it’s ultimately up to you to make the choice, to make a change, to walk down a different street.

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