the world crumbles around me.
I’ll be fine and then I won’t be.
just like that.
That quickly my entire life changes.
I become engulfed
in this storm raging inside my mind.
I forget how to smile,
how to laugh.
All I know is that I am not okay.
I am not okay at all.
All I know is that the pain in my head
somehow becomes pain in my body.
My muscles ache and
my limbs become weak and heavy.
My mind spinning a thousand thoughts
into one single moment of emptiness,
and yet I keep it to myself.
A secret kept to the grave.
Fear takes over and silence ensues .
My struggles are my own,
not the cares of others.
Why burden anyone with
pointless words that even I can’t
make sense of?
So I just lay here.
This body is a coffin,
and I’m burried alive.

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