Seeing Change As A Glass Half Full: Step 2

Step 2: Look for the Good.
Here’s where the glass-half-full philosophy really comes into play. Typically you will look at the bad in a situation (such as, “The cinema was so crowded!”) or the good in a situation (such as, “I loved the film!”) depending on what stands out to you most in a situation. Of course there are always shades of grey (such as, “The film was great, but I hated how crowded the cinema theater was.”), but when it comes to change, we usually have a very positive or very negative reaction.
As humans, we want to label and define things so we describe them – to ourselves and to others (and sometimes differently to various people).
So, go on, describe the situation you are in.
But here’s the catch – only describe the good things.
Ask yourself, “What is good about this situation?” Think of all of the positive aspects this change in your life will bring you. Yes, even when a situation seems horrible, there are good things you can focus on. You can find the positive in anything. Look at the changed situation.
What is good about it?
What can you learn from the situation?
What can you learn about yourself?
Changing your attitude can change a lot. It’s not easy – I certainly know that first hand – but it is possible.
When you are faced with change, look for the positive.
It’s there.
Sometimes you might have to look a little harder, dig a little deeper, but you will find it if you look.

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