Seeing Change As A Glass Half Full: Step 1

Step 1: Accept What Is.
You have to accept whatever the situation is. You can’t move forward until you have accepted what is happening, difficult as that might be at times. If something has happened and you can’t stop it or alter it, you have to accept it.
Ok, you don’t have to accept it, but it’s going to make your life a lot easier if you do. Good or bad, amazing or horrible, accept the change in your life for what it is. Try as best you can to leave your emotions out of it. Look at the situation objectively. Ask yourself, as if you are an outsider, “What’s going on here?”
No matter what you feel, what you do, what you say, the change has happened or will happen. If you can’t change it (and, in life, there are many, many things that are out of our control), resisting what is (emotionally or otherwise) won’t do anything good for you or the situation. It only creates more pain and distress in your life. The only thing not accepting change will do for you is make the situation harder. In this first step, it is important to think objectively and to keep an open mind. Whether you want it to happen or not, the change in your life is what it is. Things happen. Sometimes we are thrilled. Sometimes we are not. Whatever you do, do your best to accept the change. Accept things as they are and come back for Step 2 tomorrow.

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