Saying ‘I Love You’ with Gratitude ♥️

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it
is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

I couldn’t agree with that quote more, but sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. I always want to be grateful and I honestly give it my best effort, but sometimes I just forget. As important gratitude is to me and as much as I want to share my thankfulness with others, sometimes it slips my mind and it isn’t until later (sometimes months later!) that I realise what a wonderful thing someone did for me.
Over the past few weeks, however, I have started thinking about gratitude differently and in doing so it’s become much more of a priority for me.
How have my thoughts about gratitude changed lately?
I’ve begun to think of gratitude not as an obligation or as something that is healthy for me, but as an act of love. It sounds a bit cheesy when I write that down, but, really, what is gratitude if it’s not love?
Thankfulness (in whatever form) is essentially a way to love someone else. Let’s say someone) maybe even a complete stranger) does something nice for you. How can you express that you are happy and thankful? By being grateful.
Gratitude is a universal kind of love, an appreciative kind of love. It is something deep and meaningful and important. When you love someone, you cannot help but incorporate gratitude into that love. But what about the love you incorporate into gratitude?
There’s something vitality important about thinking about gratitude as an act of love that has inspired me to think about gratitude in an entirely new way. I’ve always thought of it as important, but now I feel as if it’s something essential – not only in terms of improving my personal relationships, but also in terms of improving the world as a whole. I have always wanted to cultivate gratitude, but now that I think about it in terms of love, I want to give and receive it like love. I want to use gratitude to make others feel good and I want to know that when someone is grateful for me or for something I’ve done, that his or her gratitude will mean more to mean than the simple “Thank you” I receive.
As important as it is to feel gratitude – and it is important in terms of your overall wellbeing – it’s also important to express that gratitude.
Gratitude, I have found, can sometimes slip through the cracks. You might feel it. You might mean to show it. But you don’t. And that’s a dangerous thing. When you forget to show gratitude, you are essentially forgetting to show love. It happens – especially if, like me, you are surrounded by wonderful people doing wonderful things all the time (Thank you, friends and family!) – but it doesn’t mean it’s something we should be content with happening.
Forgetting to be grateful is a forgetfulness of love, and, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to forget the love in my life.
It’s a precious thing, a thing that can disperse or dissolve, and for that reason I want to make every effort to show those I love how grateful I am to have them around.
Why not share how you show you are grateful with me?

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