Play The Hand You Are Dealt

Whenever I am stressed, anxious or both, I have noticed that I tend to turn to games like Solitaire and Scrabble and music. Unlike zoning out with a show or YouTube videos, games keep my mind engaged and I have to be paying attention to them (instead of my wild thoughts). I am actually in a bit of a Solitaire phase right now.

And, of course, being me (creator of this awesome vlog that you are reading today, haha), I started noticing some good life lessons as I was playing — and there ended up being a lot more than I expected

You can be dealt a bad hand, and still end up winning. You can be dealt a great hand, and still end up losing.

There is strategy involved, but also a lot of luck in what cards you are dealt.

You can’t focus only on the card you need now; you have to look at the whole game.

Playing a card the first time you see it, is not always the right move.

You — and only you — are in charge of what you do with the cards you have been dealt.

Sometimes you take winning for granted. More often than not, it’s pretty anticlimactic.

A high score is nice, but it’s better when you play for the joy of it.

You have got to play the cards you are dealt, whether you like them or not. (Though you canstart a new game at any time.)

When you don’t rush while playing, you make a lot fewer mistakes.

Sometimes you know you are going lose, but you just keep playing. (Well I do anyway…)

If you look, you will find patterns, but if you are not paying attention, it’ll seem like random chaos. (So true, right?)

You often lose when you have too many of the same color or number; sameness doesn’t always win.

Pay attention how you feel when you win or lose. Your reactions aren’t always what you would expect.

One card can change everything. You can be on the verge of losing, and draw a game-changing card.

I thought about writing more details for each point, but I’m guessing you can figure out how these lessons might apply in real life. (And if you can’t, why not take a closer look?!)

If you haven’t played Solitaire (or any other game) in awhile, I highly recommend giving it a try. It can give you mind a break from the incessant thinking (or is that just me?!), while not allowing it to completely zone out, the way it might do with endless Netflix episodes.

If you already are a fellow Solitaire-lover, did I miss any lessons? Anything you’ve noticed while playing? 

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