Paradoxical Pride

It is in your darkest times that you are the most prayed for.
It is during the toughest moments in your life that you are the most cared for.
Of course it never feels that way in those moments, but it is actually true.
Your friends and family are never thinking about you more than when you are going through a challenging time in your life.
And if you are willing to be open about your challenges, your struggles, and your pain, then you are inviting people all around you to pray for you, care for you, and love for you.
But if you refuse to share your struggles with others, then you disallow them the privilege of caring for you in your biggest moments of need.
When you choose to be so private that you do not let anyone else in, you are choosing to carry the burden all by yourself.
It is pride that causes us to do that.
It is pride that causes us to think that we are strong enough to deal with things ourselves.
It is pride that causes us to fear what other people might think about us if they were to know our real weaknesses.
It is pride that prevents us from being willing to receive gifts from other people that can help our pain. Because it is pride that tells us we should be strong enough to solve it alone.
And so then it is the consequence of that pride that causes you to carry an unbearable weight when you do not allow others to help you through your struggles.
It is humility though that allows you to take down your guard to give other people a chance to know the real you.
It is humility that gives you the courage to let go of what other people think of you.
It is humility that reminds you that the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.
And it is humility that opens up the door to allow other people to come into your life to help save you, restore you and build you back up.
So it is paradoxical, that through our strong willed pride that we become weak and that it is through our gentle and open humbleness that we become strong.
Because we are weak when we stand alone. But we are strong when we allow others to stand beside us in our pain.

Leah is people powered! She is a woman on a mission to Encourage, Support and Inspire you as she writes. Her passion lies in topics relating to Mental Health, Women Empowerment, Self Care and Self Love.
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