My Mismatched Socks and I

Wow so I’ve been reflecting as I do and I’ve learnt so much about myself in the last year.
I’ve learnt that I don’t need to have every detail of my life figured out, and that even though it used to bother me I have come to accept that it is a beautiful thing.
Yes I’m indecisive about somethings like what restaurant we should eat at but I am not high maintenance. Going to lunch or dinner with me is not about the class of the restaurant or the prices on the menu; it is about spending time together. As frustrating and redundant my indecisiveness is, it happens because I want you to be happy, too (and I know you won’t pick somewhere I don’t like).
A synonym for “mismatched” is inconsistent. Some consistency in life is good, of course, but sometimes that could get boring. A mundane daily, or weekly, schedule or timetable is not suitable for me. I want to try new things and explore new places. Be spontaneous. I like a plan like the next person but I don’t like a constant routine.
I will borrow, well steal all of my Fiancé’s clothes now and forever as his clothes are comfy. I like being comfortable and not put much effort into how I look when I’m at home. I like to be comfortable around the ones I love and if you make me feel uncomfortable then I’ll probably won’t spend much time with you (no offence).
I have no desire to waste time working myself up about trivial matters. Before now I used to care what everyone thought about me but now if someone I barely know talks about me, I won’t get upset about it.
I don’t sit around organising my sock drawer as I could be doing something more important. Also I like to make people feel included valved and when I was younger I always hated throwing away a sock who had lost his pair – I thought it was a waste of a good sock. So I wear odd socks so no sock is left out.
There’s another reason too. When people get older they tend to take responsibility in everything including sock-matching. And I have no desire to sift through my drawer to find the matching sock which means I probably have a bit of immaturity but hey I’ve always wanted to stay young.
I am definitely not perfect and I’m ok with that now. My hair will be seen in different styles and sometimes messy as my thoughts. However, I know what I want and I am working towards it.
I don’t have myself all put together. But I am committed to the ones I love and committed to making a difference any way I can.
I love a challenge and learning new things which explains my willingness to go onto the next job/adventure.
I now tend to follow where the heart leads as I’ve realised life is too short to hold back.
I’m still learning. Still exploring. I’m still trying to find and better myself.
But I’m glad I have my dearest and dearest on the journey with me (and you of course).

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