Looking Toward 2018

You know, I have a good feeling about 2018. There’s something about that nice, even number that makes me feel calm, makes me think the year is going to be a really good one.
While I really am trying to live in the moment and focus on what is happening right now, I can’t help but look to the future of 2018 and have hope that it’s going to be an amazing year. Of course, the reason I think it’s going to be an amazing year is because I plan to make it an amazing year. In 2017 I learned one thing for certain: your life is what you make it.
Prior to last year, it was so easy for me to fall into routines and patterns, thinking that everything just happened because that is the way it went. Though of course the thought had crossed my mind, I didn’t realise just how powerful my own abilities were. I didn’t realise that I really could take control of my life and spend my time in ways that were productive and healthy. It was a really hard year, but it was a really great year. I learned more about myself in those 12 months than in all the 25 years that had come before them.
The other day I read this quote:

When I read that, I thought to myself, “Wow. That’s really true.”
I thought back on the years before, all of the days I had wasted, and then I thought of last year and how I tried to make every day worthwhile. But sure, they weren’t all great days and they weren’t all filled with productive, positive activities, but, for the most part, I can say that I tried to make the most of my days in 2017.
Part of me, admittedly, is a little nervous about my hopes for the year.
What if 2018 isn’t great at all?
What if I don’t change and grow and learn as much as I did last year?
What if I am setting my expectations too high and I reach the end of the year feeling let down?
I have to put my “what-ifs” aside (and so do you) and develop a plan to make 2018 even better than 2017. With a plan in place, I just know 2018 can be – will be – amazing.

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