Lessons Learnt From The Man I Love

I’ve learnt so much from my Fiancé, in addition to learning so much from being in love and being loved, I’ve learned so much from him as a person.
In some ways we are similar, but in many ways we are different and seeing (and living with!) these differences has actually been incredibly inspiring for me.
Though he may not realise it (and I don’t show/tell him as often I should), he does inspire me to be a better person. He might not realise it, but below is a list of a few things he has taught me through his actions.
These are things I aspire to be (and sometimes am!), and I’m so fortunate to have someone in my life who inspires me on a daily basis. Hopefully reading these lessons will inspire you as well!

  1. Being patient. He is one of the most patient people I know. He takes his time getting things right and doesn’t rush himself (or me!). I’m certainly not the easiest person to get along with at times, but he is always patient with me. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, patience is something I’d really like to have more of in my life so it’s wonderful to be around someone who inspires me with his own patience.
  2. Being flexible. In the time we’ve been together, he’s been able to experience some of the ups and downs of me. He’s been able to ride the roller coaster, going with the flow and being flexible when plans (even big ones!) change or disappear. Flexibility is something I want to see more of in me, and I’m grateful to have someone around me who inspires me with his go-with-the-flow attitude.
  3. Being supportive. Very few people in my life are as supportive as he is. I have a few great cheerleaders, but he’s up there as one of the best. Supportiveness isn’t always the easy quality to possess, but the way he does it makes it seem effortless. Not only is he supportive of me, but I also witness the ways he’s supportive of others – colleagues, family members and friend and it’s truly inspiring.
  4. Being loving. Hands down, he is one of the most loving people I know. And not just with me. He’s loving toward his family, and even to our cats. He performs acts of love on a daily basis and he speaks lovingly as well. If there’s one thing I want to be, it’s a loving person and I’m thankful to have a constant source of love in my life.

These are just a few of the things my Fiancé inspires me to be. He might tell me off for this but he recently had an analysis of his character and when I read it I was truly taken aback (I was truly lost of words); as it described the man I am so in love with.
But why am I telling you all of this…???
Going through a stressful time I have realised why it is so important to choose who you surround yourself with wisely. The people you see on a daily basis and spend a great deal of time with can have a major impact on your life.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have found someone who inspires me and who, by just being himself, makes me want to be a better person. And that It’s because of that (and so many reasons!) that I love him. Now obviously he’s not perfect but he’s perfect for me. And I just want to remind you that sometimes you just need to look at someone close to you to be inspired.

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