How To Love Your Life's Path

How do I make choices in my life while ultimately committing myself to loving my life’s path? I can’t say that I’ve perfected the art of this by any means, but I do have a few suggestions that I work with (and that might help you out too if you’re working to accept the path you’re on in life).
I am going to share them with you here with the hope that I can continue down my path with love and acceptance and that you too can appreciate the road down which you are traveling. Life is a tricky thing to figure out. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there a purpose? Are we each living our purpose properly?
I don’t have all (or any!) of the answers, but I do know that, no matter who you are or what you think the purpose of life is, you can’t help but benefit from loving the path you’re on in your life. Live it now. Love it now.
Here’s my advice on how…
1. Accept and love yourself first. 
No matter what you are working toward in life or what you think your purpose is, the best way to fulfil your dreams and reach your goals is to love yourself. You have to love who you are first if you want to love the path you are on. According to one Buddhist saying, “You cannot travel the path until you become the path itself.” If you want to love the path you are on, you have to love yourself. You (your very being) is the driving force behind your life’s purpose. If you can’t love yourself, how in the world can you love your path? It’s impossible. Do whatever you must do to love yourself, respect yourself, and accept yourself. This is the first step to making peace with your life and loving the path you’re on.
2. Let go of your (good or bad) past.
When your mind is wandering constantly back to the past, you are not really moving forward or embracing the present moment. You are stuck in one spot, looking backwards. Remind yourself that the past (whether it was good or bad) is over. You cannot go back there and you will never again be the person you were in the past. You are you now, and the person you are now is the person you must focus on in order to really understand and love your life as it is right now. I often find myself caught up in scenes from the past, reliving them in my head. This does no good. It wastes time and energy that could be spent focusing on the path I’m heading down. Learn from your past, love your past (if you can), but let it go. You may need the lessons, but you don’t need the baggage. Drop right now on the path and keep on moving.
3. Believe in the beauty of life.
Life is strange, isn’t it? It’s so hard to explain what it is, what the point of it is, but there are some really amazing things in it, aren’t there? What if your purpose was just to enjoy life, to take it all in, to live every moment as if it were your last? What if you were put on this earth only to enjoy and love everything (good and bad) about the world? Life is odd but it’s also beautiful. Even pain, sadness, and desperation are beautiful in their own ways. When I take a step back and look at life as a beautiful, amazing thing, it puts my small life in perspective. It reminds me that whatever my purpose is, is part of a collective purpose, a universal state of living that we are all experiencing. Thinking about it this way makes my purpose (whatever that might be) seem more grand and, in an odd way, more worthwhile.
4. Stop worrying about the future. 
We don’t know if the future will ever come, so what are you getting so worried about? Okay, I know it’s not that simple. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, commitments to make. The future is there. We know it’s probably coming. But the more you worry and stress about it, the less likely you are to be enjoying the present moment (the only thing that’s truly guaranteed). If you are not living in the present, you are not really loving the path you are on. You are looking for something better or different in the future and, really, there is no sense in that. Stay in the now as much as you can. Deal with what you must related to the future, but don’t look to it as a place where you will someday be happier or wealthier or better. You are, just as you are right now, perfectly you and that’s just what you need to be.
5. Love what your life is right now. 
Easier said than done? Sure, but it’s totally worth it to give this one a shot. Can you say that you honestly, 100% love your life as it is right now? Really? Most of us would probably say no, we can’t really say that. But why not? Why can’t you love everything as it is right now? What’s stopping you from accepting that the life you are living right now is your perfect, ideal life and there is nothing better for you out there other than what you are experiencing right now? When I think that my life is unfolding just as it should, that nothing is a mistake, and that everything is happening for a reason, I find that I’m much more at peace with myself and the world. If I love my life as it is now, I don’t have to revisit the past and I don’t have to wait hopefully for the future. I can be here, now, happy. Of course I don’t do this all of the time (I wish I could!) but when I find myself really loving the way my life is, not wanting to change a thing about it, I am at my happiest. And who’s to say I can’t think that way all the time?
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, life is odd. What our purpose is isn’t always clear. Sometimes we might feel like we are on the wrong path or we may even feel like we are not on a path at all.
It’s important to remember that we are all on some sort of path and that we are each following our paths exactly as we should be. Whatever you are doing, you are doing what’s right for you.
Believe that your life is unfolding as it should. Love the path you are traveling down. Accept life as it is.
Trust me, if you love your life’s path, you will be happier. And who doesn’t want to be happier?

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