How To Discover A Creative Activity You Love

A creative activity is any activity that brings something new into the world. What that “something new” is will be up to you.
So, how do you find a creative activity that you love to practice? That’s simple. It’s an activity that makes you feel excited, energetic and where you have a desire to bring something new into the world. But if that doesn’t give you any clues, here are a few more tips.
Think of something you have always wanted to try. What has been nagging at you for months, or even years, to give it a try? There’s a very good chance that this thing that has gripped your mind is something you would likely be good at and enjoy very much. Trust your internal guidance.
Look past the traditional “arts” if you need to. Your favorite creative activity may be something traditionally thought of as creative. But it might not. If you have no interest in painting, sculpting, writing, dancing, ect, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you are not creative.
It simply means you will have to be creative in finding and defining your favorite creative ability.
Think back to when you were a child. Children are much freer in expressing themselves and usually have no qualms about stating what they do and don’t want to do. That’s why when you look back at yourself as a child, and think about what you really liked to do, you probably really liked to do it. So, what did you really enjoy doing as a child?
Think of something you have watched someone else do and thought was cool. If you pay attention to what attracts you, you will get some really good clues about what it is that you would love to create. When was the last time you saw someone do something that you wished you could do? Maybe you should try that thing out.
Think about what you like to “play” with. Play is a huge element in being creative. Play requires the player to suspend boundaries temporarily, let go of results and expectations and try many things without (too much) fear of failure.
What “problems” do you want to solve?Solving a problem is another huge element in being creative. The problem doesn’t have to be on a global level and it may not even seem like a “problem” on the surface. It may be something like, “how do I express what it feels like to watch the seasons change?” or “how do I throw an enjoyable party?” Look for the “problems” that make you want to find a solution.
Just pick something! In the end, trial and error may be the best approach. Pick an activity you think you will like and start doing it. If it holds your attention and you feel excited about it, you have probably found something. If not, and you don’t feel very energetic about it, scrap it, and move onto something new. You can play around with your creative ambitions as much as you like.
Any other tips on finding a creative activity you enjoy? How did you originally find yours? Still looking? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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