Give More Than You Take

As a baby, you were taken care of. Your parents gave you food, shelter, and if you are lucky, a lot of love. Even if you had a bad childhood  —  you were giving many things like education, food, etc.
Weirdly enough, that behaviour of taking things tends to stick with us as we grow up. We think it’s normal to take, take, and take. In fact, we think we SHOULD get everything we want.
Life is not about taking. Please, do yourself a favour and start giving more.
I was in the same boat for many years. But looking back, I was delusional. We’re not entitled to anything. Who says you SHOULD get that job you applied for? Or the promotion that you want? Or widespread success?
Instead of always focusing on what you want from the world, start thinking about what you have to offer. Life is not about taking. Please, do yourself a favour and start giving more. But don’t be surprised if you also receive more.
“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” — Jim Carrey
Helping others is the most important thing you will ever do in your life.
The link below will take you to a Food for Thought blogpost about Random Acts of Kindness ( where I talk more about random acts of kindness and the great power and a responsibility we have to touch another person’s life each day.

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