Finding Positivity In Negative Situations

I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law, and for those of you in the dark, it goes something like this – If anything can go wrong, it will.
But, in what seems like a complete contradiction, I also believe that I am an eternal optimist. If you are racking your brains as to how I can do both without coming across as a liar or someone mentally unstable, then you’ve probably never seen positive shades in negative situations.
My view of life is simple – be prepared for the worst and the worst will turn out to become the best. That’s how you turn something negative into something rewarding and positive. So if you want to uplift the quality of your life and make it more fulfilling, here’s how you can find positivity in negative situations.

Be proactive, not reactive.

When something goes wrong, instead of spending all your time complaining about what has happened, channel your energy towards thinking of how you can put things right. When you avoid reacting to the situation like most people would and instead begin to work out the finer details of what you could do to set things right, you gain a multitude of advantages – one, you are trying to turn positive something that is negative; two, your mind is free of the stress that is associated with things going wrong and is instead involved in the creative task of thinking and planning alternatives; and three, you are the woman (or man) of the moment because you don’t panic and are seen as someone who turn around any adverse situation and put a positive spin on things.

Look at the big picture.

Very often, we tend to miss the forest for the trees, especially when things go wrong. It may only be a small problem, but if we fail to see it as just that, we tend to get worked up and stressed out and ruin our health in the process.
When something untoward happens, play down the negative effects and think of all the positive things about the situation. For example, when you are confronted with the news of a loved one’s illness, instead of brooding over it, console yourself with the fact that it is not news of death. By focusing on the larger picture, we can turn around negative situations and make them more positive.

Remember that the situation is temporary.

When something bothers me enough to affect my concentration and disrupt my daily routine, I calm myself down with these words – This too shall pass. Any situation, good or bad, is never permanent. It keeps changing, mostly according to your perception of the problem and your attitude in dealing with it.
So when you feel yourself stressing out over a negative situation, take a deep breath and tell yourself that it will pass and that good times are just around the corner. This way, you stay positive and are able to focus on what is current and important instead of dwelling on the problem and ruining your regular life.
Remember, positive or negative, it’s all in your mind. And it’s up to you to decide which attitude you want to adopt.

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