Find the Mirror that Reflects the REAL You

Children have a way of bringing life into perspective.
Children of friends of mine insisted on going to a local fair recently. One of their favourite attractions was the house of mirrors. They were fascinated by the warped images that the mirrors showed.
With such excitement, they would run from mirror to mirror as each gave a new distortion of their true reflection. One mirror made them look extremely tall, the next made them look extremely wide. The more bizarre the shape, the more they laughed.
The fun lasted until they looked into the final mirror, when they stopped, looked up and the first questions out of their mouth were “Is this me? Is this what I really look like?”
They had looked at so many distorted views of themselves, that by the end of their visit of the house of mirrors, they had forgotten their true appearance.
Have you experienced something similar?
Have you looked into the mirror of others’ perceptions for so long that you have forgotten your true image?
A misconstrued image of one’s self is the root cause of poor self-esteem, fear, self-doubt and negative thinking.
Your self-esteem is influenced by how others perceive and treat you. And when the image is distorted, it creates an unhealthy self-portrait and sabotages any undeveloped potential for success.
What is your self-portrait?
Is it positive?
Is it an accurate description?
If I spent some time interviewing your close friends, how would they depict you? What words and/or stories would they use to describe you?
And how would that compare to how you describe yourself?
Those who have successfully defeated rejection have learnt to view themselves for who they truly are, while others remain trapped by the image of what others want and wish them to be.
How you choose to view yourself will ultimately determine how you will live your life and how successful you become.

Be yourself.

Find the “mirror” that reflects the real you because people see you, not your “mirror”.

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