How To Feel GREAT Today

Bad days happen, but this morning I have 3 ways for you to feel great starting right now!
First of all a quote:

“Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That’s what makes me feel good.”

  • Practice Gratitude with an Attitude

Yes, that’s right. Appreciate what you have got, like you mean it. And mean it.
I know it’s easier to say than to do, but it’s one of those things that really works.
Maybe it’s your arms and legs. Maybe it’s someone in your life who is looking out for you. Maybe it’s somebody you are taking care of. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ve got food and somewhere to call home.
Maybe it’s the fact that you’ve got a brain, a heart, and courage.
In the Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion went on a crazy adventure to get what you’ve already got.
Hey, how awesome is it that you have managed to take some time to read this post?

  • Use the Rule of Three to Rule Your Day

When you start your day, just think of Three Wins that you want to achieve today. Take a moment to get intentional about what you want out of today, and what you want out of yourself.
This is about taking your power back. Your power is your ability to act.
It’s that simple.
Maybe a win today would be just making it through your workout. Or maybe a win today would be really doing a great job at a task you hate. Or maybe a win today will be winning over a new customer; depending on your job of course.
When I’ve had the worst situations in my life, my Three Wins for the day were literally:

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Eat Lunch
  3. Eat Dinner

It sounds sad, but it’s true.
It gave me a way to create little highlights in my day, while I mustered all my strength to make it through my day. I made it fun to figure out new foods to eat – new recipes to try, new places to go, new and old friends to meet. It helped me keep going when all of me want to wallow in misery.
But the beauty is that The Rule of Three is a powerful tool, even when your days are not so bad.
You can use The Rule of Three to identify things you want to achieve today that will make you feel great.
This is you exercising your power, getting intentional, and adding a little focus to your day.

  • Lift Somebody Up

Maybe the best thing you can do today, is help somebody else.
Help them out of a tricky situation. Find a way to boost their spirits. Make them laugh. Maybe they just need to be tickled or hugged.
Or maybe they need a strong shoulder to lean on. Or maybe they need a gentle shoulder to cry on. Or maybe they just need to hear from a person like you, that they matter.
Sometimes, the best words anybody can hear are:
“I’m glad you are here.”
As we spend our time together, here on Earth, it’s great to know your wanted.
I bet you know somebody, today, who could use a little lift from you.
Boosting them up, might just be just the thing to help you out of your own slump or to really feel great, today.
I hope you find your way to feel GREAT today!

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