Choosing Happiness – The Intro

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

Even for me, who thinks about and writes about positivity on an almost daily basis, being positive is not easy. When I think of the world, I still sometimes  see it through a negative perspective (especially when I watch the news), especially when things aren’t going the way I hoped they would. As I’ve been struggling with this lately, I have been reminding myself that it really is possible to change my perspective.
A year and a half ago, I decided I was going to make a change in my life. I was going to start looking for the good, seeking the positive, and striving to make every day a joyful experience. This was something I would have never imagined myself doing, but it’s something that has impacted my life every single day since then.
I have had to do a lot to get to where I am right now, and I still believe I have a long way to go. I am not searching for any particular end point, however. All I want is to be happy, to live a life that focuses more on the good than the bad (though I do believe you need both to have a happy life). On this road to happiness (if that’s not too cheesy) there have been many ups and downs. There have been challenges. There have been inspirations. There have been many amazing experiences that I never would have had if I had not made this first choice – the choice to live a positive life.
Recently, as I struggle to be positive about certain situations in my life, I have been giving some serious thought to how I transformed my outlook from negative-focused to positive-focused. Though I have to admit that there are many, many factors involved in my personal development – such as my counsellor, the countless books and blogs I read, creating my blog, and surrounding myself with happy, supportive people (one of which I marry this year 😆). I can say that, at the most basic level, choosing to be positive has helped me the most in terms of becoming the person I want to be. When I think back on my transformation now, I recognise that the following five steps are the best ways to begin stumbling down that path to positivity and I plan to share one step each day this week with you.

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