Things change.
People change.
Situations change.
And change can be scary because it is unfamiliar and uncertain.
And we really have two choices for how to approach change.
The first is that we can be mad that it is taking place, we can expand energy being frustrated that we have to deal with it, and we can spend time wishing that it wasn’t happening.
That choice seems to be the natural predisposition for most people. It is the unintentional path of the escalator. That choice is draining, disempowering, and defeating.
It leaves us feeling like a victim of uncontrollable circumstances where no matter how hard we work we can never seem to have a chance to really get ahead.
The alternative response to change is to trust.
It is to trust that there is a greater plan that is at work. It is to believe that somehow all of this fits together in a well orchestrated scenario that works out for our own good. It is the well intentioned path of the stairs.
It requires trust because we have to have faith and belief that there is a plan meanwhile having to accept that we don’t get to know what it is in advance.
And while this choice is also difficult it leaves us in a place of hope. It leaves us with an appreciation of all things that have happened in the past and a dream for what might be a better future.
While there is no guarantee that the future will be better, what we do have is the perspective to be able to look backwards in our life and to see how all of the other varying circumstances of change have led us to be where we are right now.
In that, we find safety knowing that there is proof that somehow even when we don’t understand it we are being provided for and protected.
And since that is the case I will simply ask for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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