Better To Have Loved & Lost

If you were sitting in a room filled of people and asked, “How many of you want to be in love?” I bet you wouldn’t be surprised if most of the hands in the room went up quickly without hesitation. Whether or not we think about it on a daily basis, love is something we all want. In fact, most things we work toward in life are based on the idea of wanting love and acceptance.

We want to be successful and well-liked, but, above all, what we all really want is to be loved. However, much as we all want it, so many of us are actually really scared to get it. If you are lucky enough to be offered love, it doesn’t always mean that you are going to welcome it into your life with open arms. You may look at it from the corner of your eye, sizing it up and wondering whether or not you should take it.
Because you are afraid.
Many people are afraid to love because they are afraid of getting hurt or they are afraid they are not good enough or they are afraid they aren’t capable of love themselves or they are afraid for other reasons that are uniquely their own.

In the past I have struggled with accepting love in my life. Like everyone, I’ve desperately wanted love, but, like so many, I have had difficulty letting others get close to me. Why? Because I was afraid that, inevitably, they would hurt me.  I was afraid of taking something I knew I wanted for fear that I would be hurt by it.
For a very long time, I was afraid of love. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t in love or I wasn’t spending time loving others, but it does mean that during those times I was living in fear. I was loving but, at the same time, I was so afraid of losing. I held back for fear of love’s loss holding me back. For me, and for many others,  letting love into my life was really difficult. It seems silly because, when you think about it, who wouldn’t want love?

We all want it but, for a variety of reasons, it can sometimes feel like the hardest thing in the world – even when the love itself feels so good. I have found that letting love in can actually require you to be brave, to open up to someone else in a way that you never thought you wanted to, and to believe that you can trust another person. Doing these things can be very challenging and, positive as love can be, the potential loss of it can also be very intimidating.
The point is: losing love sucks and I don’t disagree with that for a minute. Cliche as it might be, that old quote “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” really is true. Losing love can be terrible and terrifying, but does it mean we shouldn’t love? Certainly not!
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