As I Cannot Sleep…

I’d thought I remind you about Self Care.
I’ve spoken about it a lot but I’m going to be honest I’m not doing it 🙈.
“Hypocrite!!” I hear you shout.
Well that all changes now, I’ve decided enough is enough.
I have decided to practice what I preach and look after ME.
I think of self care like the aeroplane mask warning. When emergencies happen and the mask drops from the ceiling you are supposed to help yourself first. Then proceed to help others to put on their masks.
If you help others first, and fail, then there are two people out of commission. While if you take the time for a bit of self-care first (in the case of the plane putting on the gas mask) then you will be okay and in a position to help others more effectively.
So whether it is looking after your body. learning when to say no or asking someone to babysit so you can have a bath – remember to look after you.
After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.
Night xXx

Leah is people powered! She is a woman on a mission to Encourage, Support and Inspire you as she writes. Her passion lies in topics relating to Mental Health, Women Empowerment, Self Care and Self Love.
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