Another 10 Lessons I’ve Learnt So Far

Jumping straight in…
11 Drinking Water is Important – It’s a simple concept, I know.  But when we get overly consumed in our busy routines, the simple act of drinking water skips our minds.  Make sure your hydrate yourself.  You’ll feel better and you’ll be healthier.
12 Bad Feedback Can Be Better than Good Feedback – Even though I hated getting bad feedback, I’ve come to except the fact that it actually pushes me in the right direction.  It gives me the ability to improve myself.  Excessive good feedback just allows me sit put and feel accomplished (which isn’t always a bad thing 😉 ).
13 Utilise Your Instincts – Not everything is what is seems.  Not everyone who seems trustworthy actually is.  Even though it is important to listen to what your friends, colleagues and acquaintances say, you must never ignore your own instincts.  Sometimes they can help you evaluate circumstances far better than any third-party reference.
14 Get Enough Sleep – This should seem like common sense, yet so many of us fail to get enough sleep on a regular basis.  You will not be productive if you are exhausted… that’s the bottom line.
15 Motivation Fluctuates, But Finish What You Start – I’ve seen countless people (myself included) get a sudden burst of motivation and start a project, but before the project is complete the motivation wears off.  Thus, the project is never completed.  It usually amounts to a complete waste of time, money and creativity.  Understand that your levels of motivation will fluctuate, but you must still finish what you start.
16 Flexibility for Change is Vital – Most of us are comfortable where we are even though the whole universe is constantly changing around us.  Learning to accept change is vital to our happiness and general success.
17 Identify What You Don’t Want – It’s important to understand that the things we don’t want are just as important as the things we do want. If you ignore what you don’t want and put all your attention on what you do want, you’ll end up getting what you don’t want.
18 Problems Don’t Just Disappear – Almost everyone I know has fallen victim to the fallout of avoiding a problem.  Sooner rather than later it becomes apparent that the problem only gets worse.  Problems must be addressed, they don’t just disappear.
19 Get the Important Things Done First – This certainly isn’t ground breaking advice, but it is a simple principle that works wonders.  Let your mind tackle the important tasks while it’s rested, then the rest of the day basically is yours to enjoy.
20 Take Ownership of Your Actions – Consciously think before you act.  When the decision is made to act, always take full ownership of your actions, even when the outcome is negative.  It’s easy to take ownership of success, but eventually the headline will read “failure”.  When it does, only those who properly address the issue have the capability to succeed in the long term.

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