A Beacon

When a helicopter crashed in a cold, mountainous wilderness, the pilots survived but were seriously injured. The frozen afternoon turned into a colder night. The situation seemed hopeless; until a rescue helicopter appeared, its searchlights illuminating the darkness. It spotted the wreckage, landed nearby, and carried them off to safety.
“How did you know where we were?” an injured man asked.
“The homing device on your aircraft,” the rescuers told him. “It went off automatically when you went down. All we had to do was follow it.”
The disciples of Jesus also experienced the joy of being rescued. They had been struggling as they rowed their boat against wind and waves in the darkness of night on the Sea of Galilee found in Mark 6:45-47. Then Jesus came to them, walking on the water, and calmed the sea seen in verses 48-51.
We may experience similar times when all is dark and foreboding. We cannot help ourselves, and it seems that no one else can either. No one knows how terrified and exhausted we are. No one, that is, except Jesus.
When we are trapped, hurt, lonely, or discouraged, Jesus knows it. Our cries of grief are beacons that bring Him to our side; right when we need Him most.

Jesus hears even the faintest cry for help.


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