7 Ways To Celebrate Uniqueness In Others

1. Have an open mind. It’s easy to focus on what is familiar to you and to look for things that you have in common with someone else, but, when you open your mind up a little bit you might find that someone’s differences are much more apparent and those differences can be pretty great. Embrace the ways your mind can help you see someone in a new light.
2. Think independently. Of course it’s easy to go with the flow and go along with what other people are doing. If you hear from someone else that a person is negative, for example, it’s easy to start thinking of that person that way. But stop for a minute and think about how unique people are, you’ll probably realise that it’s best to assess others for yourself and find out what’s really going on with them.
3. Avoid harsh judgments. Sometimes I find it so tempting to label someone very quickly after only one or two interactions, but it’s never a good idea to jump quickly to assumptions. Also it’s never a good idea to judge others harshly. Most situations and people are not as simple as we would like to think they are, which is always something you should keep in mind.
4. Stop stereotyping. Stereotypes make it so easy for us to put people in boxes. They make it easy for our minds to think they understand someone, but, while we can’t deny that there must be some reason for stereotypes, it’s pretty safe to say that using them is a bad idea if you are trying to celebrate someone’s uniqueness.
5. Look below the surface. When you meet someone for the first time, it can be so easy to make quick judgments based on appearance alone, but think about how that would make you feel. Would you like to be judged based only on your appearance? Aren’t you more complex than that? I’m sure you are and so are others. Look below the surface to find their unique traits.
6. Don’t fear the unknown. We are often quick to put others into categories because we are scared of not knowing what they are. We want to be able to understand them, but, really, if we just put them in a box, we’re not truly understanding. To celebrate the true unique nature of someone else, you have to get over the idea that the unknown (or unlabeled) is bad.
7. Seek the positives. Just because something is different or unexplainable to you doesn’t mean it’s negative. When you are looking at others and trying to celebrate the ways we are all unique, think about the good things. Think about all of the ways it benefits us as people for us all to be unique. All of our differences are awesome and it’s so important to see the positive in them.
We are all snowflakes. We are all independent of one another and, though we are drawn to one another, and may even have similar designs, we deserve to be seen as independent, distinct creations that cannot ever be 100% defined.
Like snowflakes, we are changing. We are snow and ice and water. We are like each other in many ways, but we are never the same. I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember this, to know that, though it may seem like you’ve seen a “type” of person before, you should never assume that you know everything about him or her.
He or she, just like you, is unique and it is this uniqueness that makes us all so amazingly awesome. Don’t forget about the uniqueness in others and, just as importantly, don’t forget about the uniqueness in yourself. Cliche as it might seem, you really are unique. There is no one — and never, ever will be anyone — just like you. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate it every day and in every way you can.
How do you celebrate the absolute awesomeness of being uniquely you?
What tactics do you use to remind yourself that others are unique?

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