3 Reasons Why You Should Be Selfish

Growing up, your parents told you that you shouldn’t be selfish. That you should always put others first.
Guess what? Your parents were wrong (kind of).
You should be selfish (sometimes) and here are 3 reasons why it’s actually a positive thing.
1. Increases positive energy for you and others. Doing what you want makes you feel good. Which increases your happiness. Which increases your positive energy. Which increases happiness and positive energy of those of around you.
2. Helps yourself and others. Selfishness isn’t all-or-nothing; you can do what satisfies you and help others out. If you love creating something and do it for your enjoyment, people can still get value from your stuff when you release it. Your main objective is to satisfy yourself, but the by-product is content you created that others benefit from too. This applies to charitable work too: you can choose to help someone out because it makes you feel good afterwards, but that person still receives the benefit.
3. You do your best work. When you make yourself happy, you are the most passionate and enthusiastic in whatever you do. When you have fun creating, chances are people will have fun consuming. You make your best stuff, people get more value from it as a result (and you thus sell more, for example). Compare this to doing something you think you “should” do – a half-assed attempt isn’t interesting or valuable for most people. So when you put yourself first, others get more benefit than if you were to put them first but not enjoy what you do as much.
Take this blog post. I wrote it because I loved doing it. It was like a journal for me — synthesizing my thoughts. And because I get excited writing about a topic like this, I give it my all, which results in a higher-quality article. So I put myself first. But you get the benefit of reading valuable content. If I wasn’t into the topic, then the quality of the article would have suffered: boring, mediocre, unremarkable. And you wouldn’t have gotten as high-quality and valuable content.
Be selfish sometimes. Put yourself first. Both you and others will benefit more from it. And besides, you never liked listening to your parents anyway, did you?

What do you really love to do? Can you focus on doing it because you want to while also giving value to others (through your content, service, product, etc.)?

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