10 Lessons I’ve Learnt So Far

Well, I’ve been part of the “real world” for a good few years now.  My transition from school and university into working life was fairly smooth. These years in the “real world” have been filled with crash-course life lessons, frequent hustle, and career changes.  As I progress I try to keep track of what works and what does not.  I’m constantly in the process of analysing both my successes and my failures in order to properly realign my future actions with my goals.  Below you will find a list of 10 lessons I have learned in the “real world” thus far.
1Be Passionate, but Also Be Realistic – I’ve experienced so many people (including myself) get overly passionate about something before fully evaluating the big picture.  Passion without realistic direction leads to frustration and failure.
2Keep Up with Current Events – While at School or University it’s easy to hold such a narrow focus on your social life and your classes or lectures that everything else in life flies right over your head.  In the working world, however, not knowing what’s going on in the news can often can lead you into some horribly embarrassing dialogues.
3There is a Difference between a List of Goals and a Wish List – Most people understand that goals are desired outcomes that we must work to attain.  Yet it’s amazing how many people I’ve met that lack the necessary drive and just sit there waiting for a miracle to move them forward.
4Everyone is Multidimensional and so are Our Successes – I’ve met wealthy people who seem unhappy and happy people who are underpaid.  I bet you have met successful business women and men who have been divorced multiple times and happily married women and men who can’t seem to find a job they like.  Just because someone is successful in one part of their life, does not necessarily mean they are universally successful.
5Talent Does Not Equal Success – I have failed at times. Why?  Because even though I had the talent, I lacked the initiative and commitment necessary for success.  Laziness will always overshadow talent.
6Relocation is the Pits – Moving all of your belongings from one place to another is usually a more intense endeavor than originally imagined.  This process takes time, so plan for it.  Also, do yourself a favor, don’t be a hoarder.  It only makes matters worst.
7Fear Will Only Hold You Back – The most effective means are not always the most comforting.  It is imperative that we take educated chances in our lives.  If it makes sense to do so, we must be ready to step outside of our comfort zone.
8Learn to Cook – This could easily save you thousands of pounds every single year.  Eating out is expensive, eating in is cheap… nuff said!  Learn to cook, and learn to limit the number of meals you eat out.
9Emotional Decisions are Usually Bad Decisions – Decisions driven by heavy emotion are typically misguided reactions rather than proactive judgments.  These reactions are decisions made with a minimal amount of thought.  Sometimes our feelings are based on impulse, instead of sound experience.  Always consult your better judgment.
10There Are Different Levels of Intellect – Don’t judge a book by its cover. Overall intelligence isn’t just about IQ.
Come back tomorrow when I share the next 10 lessons I’ve learnt.

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