The Truth Is…

Admitting depression is an illness and not something that’s my fault in some way or another is hard. After all who really wants to admit they’re ill with something that’s all in your head. With most illnesses, it’s a different matter, people can see it, they understand it – people are sympathetic.  People don’t understand […]


She wants to help anyone who is facing depression, for she is facing it too . She knows how it feels, she’s fighting daily too – she just simply wants to help. She knows what it’s like being empty, she knows the feeling of hopelessness, and she definitely knows the feeling of wanting to be […]


Time is the space in which we grow without awareness in our early years structured by meals arrivals and departures light and dark hot and cold school studies play adventures celebrations and by waiting anxiously or not for things to happen. Time is that feeling that we may not have enough of it in our […]

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