Wednesday = Quote Day

It is time for some quotes about growth to keep you growing as we reach the middle of the working week! Feel free to share your thoughts and topics you would like me to share quotes on, enjoy.   The Girl Who Writes xXx  

Making Time For Our Friendships

We all have times in our lives when our priorities aren’t really on socialising. Whether it’s moving house (like I have just done), a new partner, a new job, or something else entirely that has captured all our attention, it’s important to find a way to make time for our friendships. No matter how busy […]

What's in YOUR Dash?

I tend to read a range of blogs one in particular had an article written by guest Diane Dutchin who wrote: “The dash between the dates of our birth to the last day of our life contains a personal history of who we were, how we lived, who we knew and what we did with […]

Look Where You Want To Be

A good few months ago I was driving and I noticed an old, beaten up car on the side of the road. As I was looking in the direction of that old car, I realised that the learner car I was driving was drifting in that direction. It was then that I realised: I tend […]

I Am Grateful

The last few months have been challenging. There have been soul-shaking lows and hope-filled highs as I struggled with grief, health and stress all bundled in together. And though the challenges are far from over; in so many ways I am grateful for these past month. Life’s challenges remind us what we are made of, […]

For The Love of Books

I am a proud book worm and I believe books can transform the way you think about the world and yourself. They shape your values; they provide guidance and inspiration as well as a safe, healthy form of escape. I believe a little part of every book I have ever read stays with me forever; […]

Autumn: The Season Of Letting Go

I going to be honest, I love all seasons but Autumn is particularly special for me and it is here! I know how basic it sounds, but I seriously love everything about the season. In particular, I love the changing of the leaves. Not only are the vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges my favourite, but I find something […]

Staying Optimistic

Optimism: It can turn a situation that looks negative or bleak into an opportunity or something to learn from. It can take it ‘t away from can’t and turn it into can. It can replace the draining thoughts of pessimism with something that will give you more energy and enthusiasm again. And it can help […]

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